Meet Roy Petitfils

2019 City of Saints Emcee

Roy Petitfils is an internationally recognized expert in understanding and raising teenagers. He is therapist at Pax Renewal Center in Lafayette, Louisiana. He holds a Masters in Mental Health and School Counseling for the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. He has authored, What Teens Want You To Know (But Won’t Tell You), A Practical Guide To High School Campus Ministry (St. Mary’s Press, 2007), What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About The First Five Years of Marriage (St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2010), and God Wears Running Shoes: Spiritual Reflections For Those Ministering To Young People (2009). Roy is an internationally sought after speaker who uses humor, passion, clinical and life experience to help adults connect with teens and teens to know, understand and love themselves. Roy lives in Louisiana with his wife Mindi and his two boys. He has previously spoken at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress and City of Saints Teen Conference (in 2017).

2019 Conference Speakers & Musicians

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