Scholarship applications will be accepted from high school aged participants and adult chaperones (21 years of age or older). Scholarship requests for young adult participants, no longer in high school but under the age of 21, will not be accepted.

Scholarship funds are awarded to specific individuals. They may not be transferred to other participants. If the recipient’s registration is cancelled, the scholarship monies are forfeited and will not be applied to the group’s remaining balance.

How to Apply:

  • Fill out the application form below and complete it in its entirety. Incomplete applications will be the last to be considered for a scholarship. Click here to review the guidelines.
  • Submit forms by June 1st. Forms can be mailed to Youth Ministry Division, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, ATTN: City of Saints 3424 Wilshire Blvd – 4th floor Los Angeles, CA 90010

Scholarship Awards:

Limited scholarship funds are available. Applications are reviewed by a committee and funds are awarded at their discretion. Participants are eligible to receive up to 100% of the conference fee. City of Saints Teen Conference will not award funds to be used for travel, or any other group related expense. Priority is given to applicants that submit a completed application and demonstrate financial need.

In receiving a scholarship, the participant will agree to submit a project following City of Saints Teen Conference that showcases their experience. To see the project deadlines and submission requirements, please check here.

Scholarship Collection:

Each year, the City of Saints Teen Conference will take a collection at the Saturday Liturgy in which 100% of the funds are used for scholarships. City of Saints Teen Conference encourages young people who are able to make a financial contribution for those that will attend in the years to come. Participants are asked to prayerfully consider what they can give, with a suggested donation being $5.00.

2017 Collection: $2,163.00
2018 Collection: $3,806
Goal for 2019 Collection: $5,000

Support Future Participants

City of Saints Teen Conference invites you to make a difference in the lives of young people. Make a donation to the City of Saints Teen Conference Scholarship fund. 100% of your contribution will go to young people seeking to attend the event.

Mike Patin I City of Saints 2018
Katie Prejean McGrady I City of Saints 2018
Brian Greenfield I City of Saints 2018

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