The City of Saints Teen Conference believes strongly that young people need to see men and women of faith joyfully living out their vocation. They need their shepherds. As priests, you have an indispensable role in the faith development of young Catholics. We welcome you to the City of Saints Teen Conference, not only to celebrate the sacraments, but to accompany the young church on their journey of faith.

The City of Saints Teen Conference is pleased to offer any priest from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles free registration to our conference. This registration includes housing, meals, and access to all conference events. Priests wishing to take advantage of this offer must register as an individual or as part of their parish or school group, and be willing to assist in celebrating the sacraments throughout the weekend. Priests who reside close to campus are welcome to commute. They will be given parking and meals for each day of the conference they are present.

Why Attend?

  • Accompaniment: walk with young people from your community and across the Archdiocese. Your presence also bring support to your youth ministry leaders and those that work as part of their team.
  • A New Perspective: gain insight into the gifts, hopes, and concerns of the young church. Spend time processing the experience with the young people from your community and gain new insights on how to best accompany and serve them once the conference has ended.
  • Foster Vocations: Your presence invites young people to discern their own vocation. Come and invest in the young people – spend time with them in fellowship, prayer, and sacrament.
  • Time With Other Priests: spend time with your brother priests in our priest hospitality lounge and during meals. Serve alongside them and the Archbishop during liturgies.
  • Dedicated Support: Navigate the weekend with ease knowing that there is a dedicated committee whose team will assist you throughout the course of the weekend. From parking and checking into your room, to knowing where to go and what to do, our team is here to serve.

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