Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve prepared answers to the most common questions that we hear from group leaders considering attending City of Saints.

What other costs are there?

Groups attending the City of Saints Teen Conference will be responsible for transportation to and from the conference. Additionally, there will be a Plaza where participants may wish to purchase items from our vendors.

Do priests pay?

The City of Saints Teen Conference values the presence of our priests. Priests who are accompanying their group for the entire weekend will not be asked to pay a registration fee. However, they MUST register with the group and are considered registered participants. We do ask that priests who attend the conference with their groups please assist with confessions and concelebrating liturgy throughout the weekend.

Priests who come for the day to assist with the sacrament of reconciliation or who concelebrate Mass will not be charged. Priests who assist will have their parking and meal covered.

Do groups need to pay all at once?

Yes. We are unable to accept monthly payments. Groups are welcome to pre-register which reserves their spaces with just a $50 non-refundable deposit per space – allowing for the rest of the payment to be paid at a later time. Groups who register after April 1st will be charged the full amount of $225 upon registration.  We suggest that participants make monthly arrangements with the parish, if necessary

Who can attend?

The City of Saints Teen Conference is open to all teens of high school age and their chaperones. Young people who have just graduated 8th or 12th grade the summer before the conference are also welcome to attend. Priests, Religious, and Seminarians are encouraged to attend with their groups.

Who can be a chaperone?

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles requires that all chaperones be 21 years of age or older, fingerprinted with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and have attended a Virtus awareness session.

To find out more, please read our “Chaperone Requirements

How many chaperones does our group need to bring?

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles requires a 1:10 ration with the first group of 10 having 2 adult chaperones. If bringing male and female participants, you must bring male and female chaperones.

Can chaperones stay in the same building with the teens?

The teens will all be housed together in the same building as a group, along with a sufficient number of adult chaperones to supervise. Each building will be gender specific. However, if a group registers more adults (18 years and older) than are required to chaperone the group, the additional adults will be housed at a separate location.


Can a participant attend on their own?

No. All participants will need to be registered with a group or a parent/guardian chaperone.

How large or a group can we register?

There is no restriction to the size of group you can register. Registration fills quickly. Once capacity is reached, we are unable to accept any additional registrations and groups will be placed on a waiting list.

Do we have to stay on campus if we live in the area? Will we have to pay the full amount if we don’t stay on campus?

Groups that are located near the site are not required to stay on campus however it is highly recommended that you do. Please remember that the days are long. You would be traveling home at the end of the day near midnight and back to campus very early the next morning. If choosing this option, teen participants will not be allowed to transport themselves. Additionally, there is no price break for staying off campus.

What items are the participants allowed to bring?

While we do not ban participants from bringing iPads, or other tablets to City of Saints Teen Conference, keep in mind that two important aspects of the conference are the opportunity for your group to deepen its bonds as a group, and for teens to have an opportunity to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ. Please do not allow these items to be used in any way that detracts from these aspects of the conference. Additionally, please note that bags are not allowed in the dining hall. There will be one time use combo lockers available for bags, however neither City of Saints Teen Conference nor the venue are responsible for items left behind, lost or stolen from any location at any time during the conference.

Participants do not need to bring blankets and pillows. If they do bring these items, they must remain in the dorms and not be brought into events at Royce Hall or other locations.

Games are allowed, and you may want to provide them for your group to play during travel.

Keep in mind that the conference schedule is very full, but participants are welcome to play board games during down time.

Participants are not allowed to bring alcohol, illicit drugs or cigarettes. California law states that cigarette smoking is not permitted by anyone under 21, and adults may only smoke cigarettes in designated smoking areas.

Can we bring extra snacks for our group?

Yes, you may bring extra snacks for your group. Please keep in mind however, that bags are not permitted in the dining hall nor food is allowed in Royce Hall.

How much does the City of Saints Teen Conference cost?

The City of Saints Teen Conference is $225 per participant. The includes your conference registration, housing, and meals. Transportation is not included and is the responsibility of the group. This rate is the same for adult and teen participants. However, groups that pre-register from January 13 – March 31 will be eligible for our special discount pricing of $215 per participant. Scholarships are available with applications being due June 1st.

What is a Spiritual Companion?

A Spiritual Companion is a priest, seminarian, religious sister or brother, or consecrated layperson that is assigned to a parish group to accompany the youth and their leaders throughout the COS weekend.

As a Volunteer, what is my time commitment?

The commitment is Friday morning to Sunday afternoon (2pm departure). Volunteers are asked to be present on campus at UCLA throughout the entire conference weekend. Meals and sleeping accommodations are provided for all volunteers.

As a Volunteer or Spiritual Companion, are there any costs to me or my community?

The cost per person at the City of Saints Teen Conference is $225. Volunteers are asked to help offset their personal cost by giving $100.  Those who are able to pay the entire amount, are encouraged to do so.  However, we do not want finances to be the reason you do not volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering, but unable to pay the $100 reduced rate, please contact our volunteer coordinator at [email protected] for alternative arrangements.

Are Spiritual Companions chaperones for the group they are assigned to?

No. This voluntary role is really to be a spiritual reference and companion to the youth and their leaders of your assigned parish group, without acting as a chaperone to them.

Are there any special roles for the Spiritual Companions?

You may be asked to be an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion for one or more of the conference liturgies.  If you are needed, you will be notified by the Liturgy Coordinator in advance.

As a Spiritual Companion, what responsibilities does this role include?

Some responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Being present to the teens in your assigned parish group as often as possible and engaging in conversation at appropriate moments such as during meals, small group sharing times, and visits to the Plaza (a place for group games, vocational and vendor tables)
  • Accompanying your parish group as often as possible during the main sessions and breakouts
  • Being prepared to pray with the teens and leaders of your group at appropriate moments, especially during visits to the Sacred Space
  • Being ready to listen to and assist teens waiting for Reconciliation in case they have any concerns about preparing for the Sacrament
  • Being open with the teens and willing to share your story, when appropriate
  • Encouraging the teens to discover and encounter Christ in a new and profound way so as to deepen their personal relationship with Him as a disciple
  • Discussing and encouraging vocational discernment as opportunities arise
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