Recruiting and Preparing Chaperones

Chaperones help to provide a fun and safe experience for the participants registered with their group and with the conference. The primary role of the chaperone is to minister to the teens in your group. Chaperoning at the City of Saints Teen Conference will require long hours, early morning, and late nights. Participants will also be walking throughout campus. When inviting an adult to participate as a chaperone, please consider the unique aspects that come with chaperoning a conference.

Age Requirement

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles requires that all Chaperones be 21 years of age or older and in compliance with all Safeguard policies set forth by the Archdiocese. If your group has registered male and female participants, than at least one male and one female chaperone will be needed. The Archdiocese of Los Angeles requires a 1:10 ratio when chaperoning young people.

Chaperone Responsibilities

  • Chaperones must adhere to the Archdiocese’s code of conduct for any adult working with minors.
  • Chaperones are expected to stay with their group and attend all conference talks and activities.
  • Chaperones are expected to help enforce all conference policies, such as: helping to maintain the separation of boys and girls in conference housing, and honoring the evening curfew.
  • Chaperones are expected to stay on campus. If a chaperone needs to leave campus, arrangements must be made with your group leader to ensure adequate coverage during the hours you are away.
  • Chaperones are expected to process the experience with the young people, helping them to break open what they have heard, seen, and experienced that day.
  • Chaperones should review key safety information with the young people, such as their group’s emergency plan, the layout of the facility, location of 1st aid, and important emergency numbers.

Recruitment and Formation

The City of Saints Teen Conference feels strongly that all chaperones should be prepared and formed prior to coming to the conference. We encourage group leaders to gather with their chaperones prior to the conference to discuss your transportation plans, conference schedule, chaperone responsibilities and expectations. It is highly recommended that group leaders provide chaperones with an opportunity to meet and get to know the young people who are part of your parish or school group. This could be a simple gathering that includes hospitality, information, and community building.

Chaperone Care

Chaperoning the City of Saints Teen Conference is a rewarding and energizing experience. However, we ask that group leaders help to prepare chaperones for the physical and emotional demands that come with chaperoning a conference. The days will be long and the temperatures will be hot. Good sturdy walking shoes, adequate rest, proper hydration and rounded meals are essential for success. We strongly recommend having a meeting prior to the conference to discuss chaperone care and expectations.

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