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We have resources for you to promote your event to your students!

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Planning Timeline

Planning an event is not easy! But we have a timeline to help you know what to do and when.

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Chaperone Information

Chaperones help to provide a fun and safe experience for the participants registered with their group and with the conference.

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We’ve answered the most frequent questions that group leaders have about planning

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Find your way to the conference at UCLA. Find your way once you get here. 🙂

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Learn more about how City of Saints will benefit your parish. Find opportunities to contribute to the conference. Are you unable to attend? Things you should know.

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The City of Saints Teen Conference welcomes all group leaders! Thank you for your commitment to accompanying the young church. We know that coordinating a group is no small task and that your time and energy is limited. As a conference, we are a committed to walking with you every step of the way. We are here to support you as you navigate this process and prepare for the conference. It is our hope that this page holds answers and resources to the questions you have. We look forward to having you join us for the City of Saints Teen Conference this year!

Why City of Saints?

To have an encounter with Christ. Christ is at the heart of what we do. We believe that City of Saints Teen Conference provides young people a wonderful, local, opportunity to explore their faith in a setting that is created just for them. Through keynote speakers, breakout sessions, group activities and the sacraments, young people will explore and celebrate the depth and breadth of our Catholic faith. It is our hope that they leave transformed and empowered to live as saints in the communities that they came from. Young people will walk away knowing that they are the Church and that they are called to be saints right here in the city of Los Angeles. This is your city. Be a saint.

Will it be worth it?

Yes. As a group leader, we know that you are busy and there are many people, and responsibilities competing for your time. City of Saints Teen Conference is a commitment, but one that is worth making. City of Saints Teen Conference provides you an opportunity to accompany the young church and bond with your group. Because we are a local conference, 99% of our groups come from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Get to know your neighbors in ministry. Celebrate the beauty and richness of Catholic tradition here in Los Angeles. It is our hope that City of Saints Teen Conference is just part of your efforts as a parish or school. Continue the conversations and relationships back in your community as you help young people to explore their call to sainthood.

Group Leader Logistics

As a group leader, your responsibility is to organize your group. This means registering your group for the conference, distributing and collecting the necessary forms, submitting payment, and acting as the liaison between your office and the conference.

Group leaders are often times a youth or campus minister. However, group leaders can be a chaperone, volunteer catechist, business manager, or pastor. It is important that the group leader is compliant with all Safeguard polices as well present at the conference.


Each group promotes the conference differently. Some take a large group and fundraise all year long. Others take a much smaller group and ask that the parents pay the fee. Other groups factor in additional costs such as the cost of the chaperones, transportation, snacks, or a parish shirt. There is no right or wrong way to promote the event. City of Saints Teen Conference invites you to check out our suggested timeline and promo pack. These things will help guide your process and keep you on track.


The City of Saints Teen Conference is $225 per participant and includes housing, meals, and conference registration. Priests always attend the City of Saints Teen Conference free of charge.

Incentives: Groups that Pre-Register (January 13th – March 31st) will be able to reserve their spaces with a $50 deposit per space. As an incentive, groups that pre-register will be eligible for special discount pricing of $215 per space.”

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