As a Spiritual Companion, what responsibilities does this role include?


Some responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Being present to the teens in your assigned parish group as often as possible and engaging in conversation at appropriate moments such as during meals, small group sharing times, and visits to the Plaza (a place for group games, vocational and vendor tables)
  • Accompanying your parish group as often as possible during the main sessions and breakouts
  • Being prepared to pray with the teens and leaders of your group at appropriate moments, especially during visits to the Sacred Space
  • Being ready to listen to and assist teens waiting for Reconciliation in case they have any concerns about preparing for the Sacrament
  • Being open with the teens and willing to share your story, when appropriate
  • Encouraging the teens to discover and encounter Christ in a new and profound way so as to deepen their personal relationship with Him as a disciple
  • Discussing and encouraging vocational discernment as opportunities arise
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