Transportation to and from City of Saints Teen Conference is the responsibility of the group. Once on campus, follow the City of Saints Teen Conference signage to the registration area. A map of the campus with the locations of check-in can be found here.


Location Cost Payment
Lot 7 $12/day/car Cash Only

Any unattended cars will be cited. Upon arrival, notify the parking attendant how many days you intend to park at UCLA and receive a permit to be displayed on your dash.

  • If you park on Friday to drop off, or park on Sunday to pick up the fee is $12.00 each day.
  • If you are parking for the length of the conference (Friday – Sunday) the fee is $36.00
Map: Where to Park


There is NO parking for buses. If your group is being transported by bus, follow the directions and signage on campus for the City of Saints Teen Conference. Volunteers will be available to assist. There is no fee associated with bus drop-off or pick-up.

The City of Saints Teen Conference highly recommends that you check your bus company in advance. All buses must be licensed with the Public Utilities Commission of California. To see a list of valid bus companies,  click here.

Map: Where to Dropoff


Please contact the City of Saints Teen Conference if you, or a member of your group, is in need of special assistance during the conference. Handicap accessible rooms are available for participants with special needed. Door-to-door transportation service is available for those with mobility needs.

Form: Contact Us

Lot 7 for Car Parking

Bus Dropoff Locations

Location TBD

Mike Patin I City of Saints 2018
Katie Prejean McGrady I City of Saints 2018
Brian Greenfield I City of Saints 2018

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