Evening Opportunities

The City of Saints Teen Conference believes in the value of community. A strong bond is inevitably formed with those with whom you traveled to the conference.

Wanting to foster these relationships, City of Saints Teen Conference allows for time each evening for the group leader to determine what will help their group process the day best. Spend time in the Plaza, or visit the Sacred Space. Participate in the Facilitated Small Groups, or close the day sharing with your group. The choice is yours.

Sacred Space

The Sacred Space will remain open until lights-out each evening. End your day before the Blessed Sacrament, or spend time in personal prayer and reflection. In addition to the many different prayer experiences, Sacred Space will also feature the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Learn More: Sacred Space

The Plaza

Our plaza features interactive exhibits, service opportunities, vendors, special guest appearances and more. The plaza is the perfect place to end the day for groups that want to end the night on an energetic high note.

Interested Vendors and Exhibitors are encouraged to submit an inquiry on our exhibitor page.

Learn More: The Plaza

Small Groups

Facilitated Small Groups takes the guess work out of how to lead a small group and allows the group leader an opportunity to journey with their young people. This opportunity features a facilitator that will help the young people process and unpack the day. This opportunity is open to any group of any size.

Mike Patin I City of Saints 2018
Katie Prejean McGrady I City of Saints 2018
Brian Greenfield I City of Saints 2018

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