Venue: The City of Saints Teen Conference will be held at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Directions to Campus: The Campus is located at 405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90095. UCLA’s main campus is bordered by Sunset Blvd. on the north and Le Conte Avenue on the south. Hilgard Avenue is to the east and Gayley borders campus on the west.

Transportation: Once on campus, follow the City of Saints’ signage to the registration area in De Neve Plaza. A map of campus with the location of check-in is attached to this packet.

*Cars: Parking is $12.00 per day, per car. CASH ONLY. Please make sure you familiarize yourself and others with the directions attached. UCLA requests all participants to report to Lot 7 to drop off or park. Please note that if you park for any reason you must pay. Any unattended cars will be cited. Upon arrival, notify the parking attendant how many days you intend to park at UCLA. You must pay for each day your car is parked in the structure. No credit/debit card will be accepted. CASH ONLY.

  • 1 day parking is $12.00
  • If you park on Friday to drop off or park on Sunday to pick up the fee is $12.00 each day.
  • If you are parking for the length of the conference (Friday – Sunday) the fee is $36.00

*Buses: There is NO parking for buses. If your group is being transported by bus, follow the directions and signage on campus for the City of Saints Teen Conference. Volunteers will be available to assist. Have you checked your bus company? Remember that all buses MUST be licensed with the Public Utilities Commission of California—visit to see a list of valid bus companies.