“God is not afraid of new things! That is why he is continually surprising us, opening our hearts and guiding us in unexpected ways.” – Pope Francis

What is City of Saints Teen Conference?

City of Saints Teen Conference is a Catholic teen conference hosted by Archbishop Jose Gomez and the Youth Ministry Division in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. This event is a wonderful and local opportunity for young people to deepen their relationship with Jesus. The conference will feature dynamic speakers, liturgical experiences, music, and more, set in an atmosphere where teens can learn about and experience the Eucharist and the beauty of the Catholic faith with its rich symbols and traditions.

Why “City of Saints”?

The theme “City of Saints” reminds us that we live in a city named after saints, such as: Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Pedro, San Fernando, Santa Barbara, etc. We remember that all teens are called to be saints in our cities. This conference will help young people express this sainthood in their everyday lives. This is your city. Be a saint.


  • Deepen their relationship with Jesus
  • Learn more about their Catholic faith
  • Discover what it means to be Saints in their own cities
  • Become closer as a parish group and meet other teen Catholics from around the Archdiocese of Los Angeles